Ask a Question about the Prison/Jail Experience

Many families of inmates want to ask a question but really have no one to ask. Many things may prohibit a family member (or anyone really) to ask questions: fear, lack of trust or there is no one close who has the knowledge and experience to give them a good answer.

I want you to feel free to ask about anything you want. Just use the "Contact Me Directly" button on the lower part of the nav bar on the left side of each page.

The world of prison is a completely different world with its language, rules, and culture. Most people struggle to understand exactly what goes on in a prison and why. And many more struggle to get through the experience as a family member.

I will be adding links to pages that answer the questions that have been submitted. Unfortunately, I cannot answer individual questions due to the volume of questions that I receive. But use the "Contact Me Directly" Link at the bottom of the nav bar and suggest topics to address. I use this feedback to write pages that address the issues that folks bring up the most.

Arrest Inquiry and Warrant Information

How To Send Money To Inmates

Inmate Phone Calls

Mail and Email

Inmate Care Package and Commissary

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