Searching for Oklahoma Inmates?

Oklahoma Inmates Search Directions

To find Oklahoma inmates, click over to the Offender Search page and enter a name.

The next page will give you the DOC number, race, gender and the facility where the inmate is housed.

Click the name of the inmate and you can review:

  • photo
  • personal description
  • body markings
  • sentence info such as start/end dates, sentence length, and the offense committed
  • facility information where housed

Oklahoma Dept of Corrections

Are you looking for information about Oklahoma prisons? Go to the Facilities Page. Note that you can click on a name of:

  • an institution
  • a halfway house
  • a private prison

Here is a helpful explanation from the Oklahoma corrections folks about the difference between some of the facilities listed above:

What is the difference between a Community Corrections Center (CCC), a Community Work Center (CWC), and a Halfway House?

All three require that the inmate be eligible for assignment to community status as per OP-060104 (available for review through the Procedures link on the ODOC web page). Assignment to community status is intended to help inmates nearing completion of their term of incarceration adjust and prepare for re-entry into the community. There is no significant difference between a CCC and a CWC. All CCC’s and CWC’s are owned and operated by the ODOC. Generally, CWC’s are smaller facilities with fewer staff and, consequently, fewer programs are available. The majority of inmates assigned to CCC’s and/or CWC’s work daily in the local community under the provisions of the Prisoners Public Work Program (PPWP). Some CCC’s and CWC’s have a few work release allocations. All Halfway Houses are contracted and operated by the private sector. Inmates assigned to a halfway house are expected to participate in work release.

If you are looking for specific information about a private prison in Oklahoma, go to the facilities page mentioned above.  There will be a link to private prisons on the right side of the page. Note that only Cimmaron, Davis and Lawton facilities house Oklahoma inmates.

Are you looking for information concerning phone calls? Click to the Phone page. 

The Oklahoma corrections department has two other documents you might find interesting.

Dick Conner Correctional Facility, Hominy, Oklahoma

Oklahoma County Jail Inmates

As county jails place their arrest and booking records online, I will be adding them below:

Canadian County
Carter County
Comanche County
Grady County
Oklahoma County
Oklahoma Statewide Inmate Search (VINElink-incomplete)
Osage County
Pawnee County
Rogers County
Tulsa County

Active Arrest Warrants

Grady County
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma County

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