IDOC Inmate Search

To locate inmates in a state prison in Illinois, go to the IDOC Inmate Search Page. Directions are given to help you find the one you are searching for.

However, if you are looking for a federal inmate in a federal prison in Illnois you must use the Federal Inmate Search Page.

Illinois Department of Corrections

I have reviewed the Illinois Dept of Corrections website which has over 600 pages! I have selected pages that will guide you to the most wanted information by families and friends of those in prison. Answers to questions such as:

  • How can I find visitation information?
  • What am I able to send through mail?
  • How can I find contact information for prisons?

Go to the Illinois Department of Corrections page and I will guide you to the information.

Illinois County Jail Inmates

To find Illinois inmates in county jails, click the links below. I will be adding links for counties that have online search pages.

Adams County
Cook County
Kane County
Ogle County
Will County
Winnebago County

Arrest Warrants/Most Wanted
Adams County
Peoria County

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