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Place your company in front of thousands of potential customers!

During the past year, we had over 1,000 unique visitors to the site every day!

  • over 30,000 visitors PER MONTH
  • receives visits from EVERY state each month
  • receives more traffic than 99% of the web sites than have been created!

By advertising on this web site, you know that your ad is front of the very people who need your services.

We want you help you increase your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)

Q: Which formats are available?

A: There are two 250x160 pixel ads available at the top of each page directly below the main title. See the ad spaces for illustration at the top of this page. You may combine the two ad spaces for one larger ad.

Q: Who designs the ad(s)?

A: You do. I will accept text and/or images. Consider placing your phone number and picture in your ad. Here are some basic rules:
  • No Flash
  • No PHP scripts
  • No fancy moving elements
  • Professional language/layout
  • The clicked ad will open to your web site
  • Please submit in jpg, png, or gif formats

Q: Why should I advertise here?

A: You can have as many clicks as you like. My pricing is monthly based, not by number of clicks. Therefore, your ad cost per month is a fixed, predictable amount even if you get hundreds of clicks on that ad!

Q: How do I know which pages are available for my ads?

A: I can help you choose which state or city pages to select.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Payment is in advance and can be made by check, credit card or by Paypal. Discounts are available for quarterly and yearly ads.

Q: What do I pay?

A: Just fill out and submit the Ad Request Form, and I will send you the competitive advertising cost for your ads. Also note that the best value is with multiple-page placement, and I will help you find the best pages on which to place your ads.

Q: How can I start placing ads on your site?

A: Easy: complete the Ad Request form and I will contact you with details.

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