How to Find West Virginia Inmates

Searching West Virginia Prisons

If you are looking for an inmate serving time in a state institution, click to the West Virginia Inmate Locator page. Enter the name of the inmate and you will see a page that gives you the DOC number and location. If you click the 'More Info' link, you can review:
  • personal description and photo
  • next parole hearing
  • projected release date
  • list of offenses

If you are looking for an inmate serving time in a regional jail, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the link.

If you are looking for a federal inmate doing time in a federal prison, click to the Federal Inmate Search Page.

West Virginia Department of Corrections

Are you looking for information about a prison? Go to the West Virginia Prisons Page. Note the drop down box. Select the prison you are interested in. The individual prison page will give you contact information.

If you are wanting contact information for the central office you can click the Central Office Page.

The West Virginia Dept of Corrections also posts information regarding those who have escaped from a prison facility or who have absconded from parole (have not reported to their parole officer). Click to go to the Escapee and Absconder Page.

West Virginia Jails

West Virginia has a regional jail system. You can search for inmates by clicking the following link:

Active Arrest Warrants
Nicholas County

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