Arizona Inmate Search

Using our Arizona Inmate Search page, we will help you find the inmate you are looking for; plus guide you to useful information available from the Arizona Department of Corrections.
There is a wealth of information available on the Inmate Database pages. You can review:

  • Basic information on inmates such as birthdate
  • Committment information
  • Sentence information
  • Parole Classfication
  • Disciplinary Infractions
  • Detainer and Warrant Information

Click on the AZ Inmate Search page and put in the last name and first initial of the inmate you are looking for. Click on the inmate number to get the most information on the individual inmate.

Arizona Department of Corrections

Do you realize the web site of the AZ Department of Corrections has close to 4000 pages on it?

I have read through the web site and have selected key pages that family and friends of inmates will want to review. These pages will answer the questions that you are probably asking.

Click to the Arizona Dept of Corrections website to see valuable information you can use.

Arizona Prisons

Click on the following links and you will be taken to a page that gives the following information about each prison:

  • Prison contact information
  • Mailing addresses for inmates
  • Visitation times
  • Directions to each facility


In-State Private Prisons

Phoenix West
´╗┐Florence West´╗┐
Central Arizona Correctional Facility

Arizona Sex Offender Registry

To access the registry, click to go to the Arizona Sex Offender Information page.

Arizona Death Row Information

Arizona has over 100 inmates currently on death row. You can review who is currently death row by visiting the Current Death Row Inmate Page.

Note the links in the right column which you can use to see:

  • scheduled executions
  • most recent execution
  • death row information and frequently asked questions
  • and much more.

Arizona County Jails

More and more counties are putting their arrest records and booking records online. As these become available, I will be posting the links below.

Cochise County
Glendale (Police Dept)
Navaho County
Maricopa County
Pima County
Pinal County
Tucson (Police Dept) Yavapai County>

Yavapai County

Active Arrest Warrants/Most Wanted

Mohave County (Most Wanted)

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