Maine Inmates

Looking for Inmates?

Unfortunately, there is no inmate locator tool for you to look up Maine inmates. You are not able to access inmate information through Vinelink.

Your only option is to email:
Be sure to include in your email:
  • the full name of the inmate
  • date of birth of the inmate
  • DOC number if you have it
  • your full name
  • your address
  • what exactly are you looking for and for what purpose

Information about Maine Prisons

You can find a map where you can see where each prison is located on the Adult Facilities page. There are also links to each prison for additional information.

Do you have questions about depositing money for inmates? Click to the Deposit Money page.

Maine County Jails


As counties (and cities) place their arrest and booking records online, I will be adding them below.

Lewiston (Police Dept)

Home: Maine

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