Hawaii Department of Corrections

The Hawaii Department of Corrections is responsible for 4 state correctional institutions as well as 4 jails.

Three prisons are on the island of Oahu and one prison is on the island of Hawaii. There is one jail on each the following islands:Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai.|

You can go to the Prisons Page for contact info and a description of programming available.

Are you looking for a Hawaii inmate? You are only able to use the Vinelink system for an inmate search. You can review:

  • age
  • custody status
  • facility
If you click the link on the left (register/details), you can also review their race and gender and scheduled release date.

If you are looking for a federal inmate, click to the Federal Inmate Search page.

Are you looking for a phone number. Click to the Frequently Called Numbers page.

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