Illinois Department of Corrections

Looking for information about a facility within the Illinois Department of Corrections?

Follow this link to the Illinois Department of Corrections webpage and a listing of all the institutions will be at the top left of the page. You will see the "select a facility" box, and when you go the facility page you can see important information about the facility such as:

  • facility data
  • visiting rules and information
  • addresses for the facility and for inmate mail
  • other facility information such as programming available

Looking for directions to a Illinois Dept of Corrections facility?

Go to this very useful Illinois DOC facility page which you can use to find the address and additional information for any facility in Illinois

Frequently Asked Questions

The Illinois Dept of Corrections as a FAQ page where you an find answers to such questions as:

  • sentencing laws
  • good time definitions
  • rules for sending mail
  • work release rules
  • and more

Looking for an inmate?

Go to the Illinois Inmate Locator Page.This will allow you to search for inmates within the Illinois Department of Corrections.

To search for a federal inmate, click to the Federal Inmate Search page.

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