Mecklenburg County Jail

To find inmates, go to the Mecklenburg County Jail Inmate Inquiry Page. Select a search term, then type in a name and you will go to a page which will give you:

  • full name
  • PID number
  • JID number
  • race/sex
  • date of birth
  • height and weight

Clicking on the name of the inmate brings you to another page where you can review:
  • a photo
  • arrest number
  • address
  • commitment date and time
  • release date and time

Look to the bottom of that page and you will see links to view charges and and to view sentences.

You can also do an arrest inquiry.

Mecklenburg County Sheriff

Do you have questions about visiting? Go to the Visitation Schedule page for hours at the Jail North and Jail Central locations. This page will also explain how to find the housing assignment for the inmate. Note also the links for directions to each facility. Also visit the Visitation Guidelines page for additional info on visiting.

Inmates are only allowed to make collect calls. See additional information on the Inmate Phone System page.

Do you want to send money to an inmate? Click to the Inmate Finance page and be sure to follow the directions carefully.

Question about mail? Visit the Inmate Mail page for guidelines on what can be sent to an inmate as well as what you cannot send.

If you have question about how to send a package to an inmate, read the Commissary page. It explains how and what you can send to an inmate.

Do you want to read the Inmate Handbook? Download a copy here.

Mecklenburg County Court

Here is a link to the Court web page where you can access court calenders and get answers to frequently asked questions about court procedures.

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