Escambia County Jail Inmates

To search for an inmate, use the Escambia County Jail inmates search page.

All you need is a name.

The webpage of the Escambia County Sheriff posts their booking log daily for the County Jail Inmates. It will show who is booked into the jail, their charges and if they have been released.

Visiting information can be found HERE. Note that the top part of the page will give you the visitation schedule for the Main jail on "L" Street in a chart format. The visitation schedule for the Central Booking and Detention Center located on Leonard St. is below.

Escambia County Clerk of Court

Here is a helpful link that gives you information that pertains to specific types of case such as: circuit civil, circuit county, felony/circuit criminal, etc. When you click the link, it will give you examples of the types of cases and provide the court office location, mailing address and phone numbers. There will also be a list of frequently asked questions provided to give you specific information you will want to know. Click here for the Escambia County Clerk of Court Services page.

Escambia County Court Records

Do you want to search online court records? You must have one of the following: a last name, a case number or citation number, or the date and case type. Here is the Court Record Search Page.

19th century Escambia County Courthouse

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