Chatham County Jail

Looking for inmates in the Chatham County Jail? Check out to see who has been booked into the jail in the past 24 hours or for the past 72 hours.

Ever wonder what new inmates experience when being booked into a jail? Watch this video on jail orientation:

Chatham County Courthouse

Go to the County Courthouse page and you will have links to individual courts as well as court schedules.

Sheriff's Department

Are you looking on how to bond someone out of jail? Check out the Bonding instructions page which will give you information on how to post cash bonds or use a credit/debit card or a property bond. A directory to local bonding companies is available.

Looking for visiting rules? Click the
Inmate Visitation Page for visitation rules, to find out the visiting times for individual inmates and special rules for out of town visitors.

How to find federal prison and state inmates

If the person you are looking for has been moved from the county jail to a state correctional facility, you will need to search using the Georgia inmate query link at the bottom of the page.

If you are looking for a federal inmate from Georgia or one that resides in a federal prison in Georgia go to the
Federal Inmate Search page.

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