Westchester County Jail

To locate an inmate in the Westchester County Jail (more officially known as the Westchester County Department of Correction), click to the Search page.

Enter a name, click the 'go search' button and the next page will give you:

  • JID number
  • full name
  • date of birth

When you click the 'JID number', the next page will give you much more information such as:

  • bookinging number
  • custody status
  • booking date
  • release date
  • next court date

Click again on the 'booking number' and another page will come up which will give you:

  • a list of charges
  • bail information

Westchester County Department of Correction

Do you have questions about visiting? Details can be found at the Visitation Schedule page. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to get directions on leaving or mailing packages, money and money orders. An address is given for your use.

Curious as to how to post bail? Directions are given on the Posting Bail page.

Visit the Inmate Phone System page to learn how to set up an account to receive collect call from inmates and also how to block calls if needed.

Westchester County Clerk

Westchester County is part of the 9th Judicial District. You can access Court Calendars and other court information including directions.

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