Weber County Sheriff

The Weber County Sheriff publishes a current listing of who is the county jail. You can see a list of all inmates at the Offender Search page.

If you don't have a complete name, place one letter in the first name box and one letter in the last name box and you will get a list of all inmates with those initials.

You will see a list of inmates by last name with their dates of birth and ID number. Click the name and you will be able to see:
  • a photo
  • personal description
  • identifying marks/tattoos

Do you need contact info for the Sheriff's Department?
    721 12th Street
    Ogden, UT 84404
    (801) 778-6602

Weber County Jail

Do you have questions about visitation? You must register online in order to visit inmates. Go to the Visitor Web-Frequently Asked Questions and read all the questions and answers about how to set up an account and schedule visiting.

If you have questions about good time or community release programs, read the Corrections FAQ page.

Do you have questions about what is offered in the jail? Visit the Inmate Services page to read about mail, commissary, telephone and more.

Check out the Booking and Release page to learn about what happens when you enter and leave the jail.

Weber County Justice Court

There are no online court records available for view. However, you can view the Court Calendar for Weber County Justice Court.

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