Utah County Jail Inmates

If you want to search for Utah County Jail inmates, click to the Arrested Person Search page.

Type in the name and the next page will show you information such as:

  • name
  • photo
  • date of birth
  • date in booking number

Click on the inmate's name and you can review a lot more information such as:
  • arrest date and agency
  • booking date
  • release date (if applicable)
  • personal description
  • charges

If you want to read detailed information about the county jail, check out the Jail Orientation for Inmate Family and Friends.

Do you have questions about visiting? Go to the Visiting Page for rules and times.

Utah County Sheriff

Here is contact information for the Sheriff's department:
    County Security Center
    3075 North Main
    Spanish Fork, UT 84660

The Sheriff's office has a great slideshow available on the booking process. You can watch at by going to the Jail Booking Division page. The link is below the contact phone numbers for the jail. Also, look further down the page to find status codes to help you understand what all the abbreviations mean on the inmate search pages.

Utah County Courts

Utah County is part of the 4th Judicial District. You can access the 4th District Directory.

Here is a link to the District Court Calendars as well as the Justice Court Calendars.

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