Skagit County Jail

You can find a list of inmates at the Skagit County Jail on the Jail Roster page. It will give you the list of inmates and their numbers.

For additional inmate information, click on the name and you can see:

  • incarceration date
  • scheduled release date
  • housing location
  • arrest information
  • offense descriptions

If you would like to see a list of those who have been booked into the county jail in the last day, go to the Recent Booking List. Again, click on the name for additional information on each inmate.

Families usually have many questions about what one can send through the mail, questions about bonding someone out of jail, how to mail letters and more. Find out answers on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Do you have questions about visiting?. See the Inmate Visit Rules and Schedule page.

Are you curious about what the jail looks like from the inside? Take a Jail Tour and visit the various areas inside the jail.

Skagit County Sheriff

Are you looking for contact information for the Sheriff's department or for the jail? Visit the Office Locations and Contact page. You can find addresses, phone numbers and office hours. The jail information is toward the bottom of the page.

Skagit County Superior Court

Go to the Superior Court Calendar page and select a day of the week. You will find who is scheduled to be in court on that day.

General information can be found at the office of the County Clerk.

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