Santa Clara County Jail

Finding Inmates at the Santa Clara County Jail

Are you looking for inmates at the Santa Clara County Jail? There isn't a lot of online information but I will point you to two different websites where you can search for inmates. First, try the Vinelink Page for Santa Clara County. 

Type in the first and last names and the next page will give you

  • date of birth
  • age
  • custody status
  • facilty

If you click the far left column with the "hourglass", you can also review their race and gender and their offender ID number. You will need the number to check the next site I will give you below.

The second site on which you can search for inmate information is the Department of Corrections web site for Santa Clara County. Note that if you have the offender ID number from the Vinelink search (above), you can insert it in the "Search by PFN" space. Or if you have the inmate name and date of birth or booking date, you can search another way. This page will give you:

  • booking date
  • bail amount
  • court appearance information

Santa Clara County Sheriff

The Santa Clara Sheriff's office serves the communities of Cupertino, Los Altos Hills, Saratoga and the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County.

Are you looking for visiting information? Do you need to know how to send an inmate money? Do you need driving directions to a facility?

There are two main facilities for the DOC in the county. Below are links to each facility where information is available concerning visitation, sending money, driving directions and contact information:

Here is a list of Department Phone Numbers.

You can send commissary items to an inmate by going to the ICare page at:

Santa Clara County Superior Court

Many counties are putting their civil, criminal and other records online. Civil and traffic cases can be accessed online but no criminal cases are available. Click to access Online Case Information. You can also search for court records or court records

For civil, small claims, probate, and non confidential family cases, click the "Case Information Portal" link on the page. Traffic Index and Traffic Calendar links will be at the top of the page.

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