Why You Should Never Pay for a Prison Inmate Search

The main reason you should never pay for a prison inmate search is: the information is public if you know where to find it.

Why do people charge for it then? Because, simply put, there is a lot of money to be made for getting people to sign up for paid searches.

I could make lots of money getting visitors to sign up for paid search companies. There are many of them around. I just looked up one of the more popular sites which a person can join for a fee between $20.00 and $30.00. For each person I would sign up, I could receive 75% of that fee. That means I would receive from $15.00 to $22.50 per person.

If you are tempted to try a paid service, my suggestion would be to google the name of the site followed by the word 'scam'. See what those who have paid for the service have received.

You will find that there are many sites that promise to give you all sorts of information but they do not deliver.

The Free Inmate Locator site will guide you not only to the inmate search pages located for prisons and jails across the USA but will help you find the most useful information for friends and families.

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