Orange County Jail Inmate

Orange County Inmate Search

If you trying to find an Orange County Jail inmate, click to the Inmate Search page. Choose a name and you will go to a screen that will give the date of birth, booking number and custody status.

Click on the booking number and the next screen will give you:
  • personal description
  • next court appearance date and location
  • bond amount
  • housing information
(Note that inmate charge information is not posted online and can only be accessed by licensed bail agents).

Note immediately above the grey "Search by Name" box the other menu items in a list available for you. Click on the "FAQ" link and you can get your questions answered concerning:
  • bond information
  • court questions
  • how to send money to an inmate
  • how to retrieve an inmate's property
  • learn about inmate commissary
Click on the "Visitor Information" link and review the visiting hours for all the Orange County jail facilities.

Orange County Sheriff Department

Inmates can be housed at one of three facilities. Click on the appropriate link and you will be taken to the main page of that housing facility. The menu on the right of the page will give you options for specific information concerning mail, visitation, etc for that facility:

The Orange County Sheriff Department also publishes an Arrest Log online. Note that it only publishes arrests for the past 30 days.

Three other helpful links you might be interested in:

Orange County Superior Court, California

Many courts now have some records online. You can search the following types of records:
  • civil cases
  • criminal and traffic cases
  • family cases
  • probate cases
  • small claims cases

Click to the Case Access page and follow the links.

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