Mobile County Metro Jail

Looking for inmates in the Mobile County Metro Jail? You can find the list at the Daily Jail Population Report.

You will be able to view:

  • booking number
  • booking date
  • inmate's name
  • current address

You can also view the previous day Bookings Log.  

Mobile County Sheriffs Office

Are you looking for contact information for the jail? Go to the Contact Information page for a list of important phone numbers.

Click to the Inmate Information Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers concerning visiting, what can be brought to an inmate, how to pick up inmate property and more.

Mobile County 13th Judicial Circuit

For their main web page, click to Thirteenth Judicial Circuit page. It will lead you to basic court information.

For public records access, go to the Just One Look Alacourt Page. You must register and pay a fee to use this system.

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