Madison County Jail

Trying to locate an inmate who may be in the Madison County Jail in Alabama? Unfortunately, the sheriff's office have taken off their inmate search tool. VINELink also doesn't list Madison County inmates. You will have to call the office to find information on any inmate.

Madison County Sheriff

The Sheriff's web page has lots of useful information for family and friends. Click to the links to get answers to these questions:

Madison County Detention Facilities

The Madison County Detention Facility is split into three locations, the Main Facility at 815 Wheeler Avenue, Annex 1 located on Fiber Street adjacent to the Main Facility, and the Madison County Courthouse Facility.

Do you need a phone number? Click to this Contact List for often needed numbers.

Madison County Most Wanted

The Most Wanted List will give you:
  • a photo
  • personal description
  • last known address
  • charges

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