Lewis County Jail

To find inmates currently incarcerated, go to the Lewis County Jail Roster. You will see an alphabetized list of names with their booking dates. Click on the name of the inmate and you can read much more information such as:

  • arrest date and agency
  • court info
  • billing agency
  • bond type and amount
  • charge description

You can also look at two other lists provided:

  • Booking List: which will give you the list of inmates booked into the county jail. Clicking on the name will give the same information as above.
  • Releases: which is a list of all inmates released from the jail starting with the most recent.

Lewis County Sheriff

Looking for contact information?

    345 West Main Street
    Chehalis WA 98532
    (360) 748-9286
    (360) 740-1476 fax

Questions about visitation? Mail? Go to the Visitation Information page and you will see the visitation rules and times. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you can see which items are approved for sending in through the mail and what is not accepted.

Lewis County Courts

There isn't much helpful information on the District Court nor the Superior Court web sites.

However, you can find your court date, and search court records at the Washington Courts web site. Follow the directions to either 'search for a case' or 'search for a person'.

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