Kern County Inmate Search

How to perform a Kern County Inmate Search

 The Kern County Inmate Search Page will have lots of interesting information for you to review. 

Click the name of the inmate and you will be taken to the next page which lists:

  • inmate number
  • inmate location
  • arrest date and time
  • bail, if applicable
  • anticipated release date
  • next hearing date with time and location

Kern County Facilities

A Kern county inmate can be housed at one of several facilities.

  • Central Receiving Facility : this is facility that all inmates start at. They are hold here pending their release or their first court appearance. If an inmate is going to be held longer than that, they will go to one of the facilities listed below.
  • Lerdo Max/Med Facility : this facility has a capacity of 408 inmates. Both county inmates and federal inmates can be housed here.
  • Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility: this facility houses 1,232 inmates. It hold both male and female inmates. It holds county inmates and also contract to hold State and Federal inmates as well.

Click on the name of the facility and you will go the page that lists:

  • a map
  • general information
  • rules for visiting inmates
  • how to leave money for inmates
  • how to pick up property
  • how to send mail
  • frequently asked question list.

Looking for an address or a phone number? Here is a Contact List for the Sheriff Department.

Kern County Superior Court

Many California public records can be viewed online. Click to the Kern County Courts Page and choose the type of case you are looking for under the "public searches" tab.

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