Kent County Jail

Looking for an inmate at the Kent County Jail? Go to the Inmate Lookup page and type in a name. The next page will give you:
  • a booking number
  • full name
  • date of birth
  • booking date
If you then click on the 'Book Number' tag, your next page will give a lot of additional information such as:
  • a photo
  • race/sex
  • facility
  • visitation information
  • status
  • personal description
Look up and to the left and you will see a 'Navigation' box. Click the heading 'Charges' (which will be the first one) and a new page opens with:
  • arresting agency
  • expected release date
  • description of the charges
  • court information
  • bond information
  • disposition of charges

Kent County Sheriff

Do you need to contact the Sheriff's office? Go to the Hours of Operations page and it will list the various locations, their addresses and phone numbers. There will also be links to maps for directions.

Do you know the visitation requirements? You must register to visit. Note the signup days, hours and visiting info for the Honor Camp and Reentry Center on the Visitation page.

Directions for sending mail are found at the Inmate Mail page. The correct mailing addresses are given not only for the jail but for the work release center and the honor camp. Note the last paragraph on the page gives information on the hours telephones are available for inmate outgoing calls.

Kent County Circuit Court

Although more and more counties are placing court records online, Kent County is not among them. You can review the 17th Circuit Court Hearing Schedule.

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