Indiana Department of Corrections

Indiana Correctional Facilities

The Indiana Department of Corrections currently has 21 adult facilities and 7 juvenile facilities. Follow the links to the adult and juvenile facility pages. When you click on the name of the facility you will find:
  • basic information about the facility
  • contact information
  • visiting guidelines
  • programming
  • some even include directions, all will show the facility on an Indiana state map

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Indiana Inmates

  • What are the rules regarding mail?

    The Indiana Dept of Corrections answers this question and also how to send money to an inmate on their FAQ Page.

  • What items can be mailed to an inmate?

    Again, click to the FAQ Page.

  • Are the visiting rules different at each prison?

    You can find a list of the prisons at the Visiting Guidelines Page. Some of the prisons do give more information than others. If you have any doubt, always call the prison and ask.

Indiana's Most Wanted

Go to the DOC's Most Wanted Page to view photos and personal descriptions of fugitives who have not yet been captured by law enforcement.

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