Harris County Jail

Finding inmates at the Harris County Jail

701 Jail

Harris County Jail inmates may be held at one of three detention facilities. See the contact information below:

  • The 701 Jail
    701 North San Jacinto Street
    Houston, Tx
    713) 755-8430

  • 1200 Baker Jail
    1200 Baker Street
    Houston, Tx
    (713) 755-7955

  • 1307 Baker Jail
    1307 Baker Street
    Houston, Tx (713) 755-2400

Are looking for a specific Harris County inmate? You can find them on the Harris County Inmate Search Page.

When you get to the person you are looking for click on the name and you will see:

  • The jail they are housed in (click the link to the right of the word 'jail' and you will see a map to show the jail's location)
  • SPN number
  • Booking date
  • Charge
  • Bond amount
  • Court date

If you would rather call, the number is 713-755-5300

Harris County Sheriff Department

The Department web page has over 600 pages. I have searched the site and offer these pages that family and friends will most likely be looking for:

  • Inmate Phone Calls: How to set up advance pay accounts and how to receive collect calls from inmates. Inmates are not able to receive calls at the jail facility.
  • Visitation Rules:Visitation rules and regulations are listed.
  • Inmate Mail Policy: Gives you the mailing addresses and what is allowable to be sent through the mail to inmates. (be sure to scroll up)
  •  Inmate Trust Fund: All you need to know to transfer money into an account to be used by an inmate.

Harris County District Clerk

Many Harris County public records are available online.Click to go the Harris County Court Records Page to search for civil and family court records. Criminal court records are not available online.

Do you have questions about the bonding process?

Here is some bond information from the Harris County District Clerk's web page.
Here is some more detailed bond information from the Harris County Sheriff's Department.

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