Clayton County Jail

Looking for Clayton County Jail Inmates? Go to the Inmate Information Page and select either "search by name" or by "booking date" and you will be taken to a page that gives the inmates's age, charges and bond amount. If you click the "docket number" in the left column, you can see:

  • personal description
  • time and date of arrest
  • arresting agency

Clayton County Sheriff

The Sheriff's web page gives some helpful information to families and friends of inmates:

  • Do you want to put money on an inmate's account? Go to the Accounting Page to find the details.
  • Are you needing visiting hours and rules? Check out the Inmate Visitation Page for hours. Pay close attention to the dress code and identification requirements.
  • Do you need information on how to post a bond? The Bond Information Page will teach you what you need to know. Find the amount of the bond required by doing an inmate search as directed at the top of the page.

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