Alachua County Jail

If you want to find an inmate at the Alachua County Jail, click to the Inmate Lookup Page. You can either search by name or click the 'List Of All Inmates' button below the directions.

The next page will allow you to see:

  • name
  • pod
  • booking date
  • MNI number
  • link to a photo

Click on a name and you can see a lot of different information including:

  • charges
  • bond amount
  • status

Do you have questions about visitation? Click to see the Inmate Services page and read about jail visitation or how to visit over the internet. You can schedule a visit at this scheduling page.

At the bottom of the Inmate Services above, you will find information on  how to send mail, make phone calls, or send money or a care package.

If you are really interested as what goes on in a jail on a day to day basis, you can read the Inmate Handbook.

Alachua County Clerk of Court

Some Alachua County public records are available for online search. You can access them by clicking to the Court Records Page.

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