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Federal Bureau of Prisons

The BOP is a large organization. It has 117 institutions, 6 regional offices, a Central Office (headquarters), 2 staff training centers and 22 community corrections offices. Today, they supervise over 218,000 inmates.

Federal Prison Locator

Do you want information about a particular institution or correctional facility? Click here to locate a prison. Hint: leave everything blank, hit submit and you get the whole list. Once you find the facility, you will also be able to follow links to contact information and visiting information. Note: there are alot of abbreviations. (The government loves acrynyms.) Here is what they mean:

  • CCM: Community Corrections
  • FCC: Federal Correctional Complex
  • FCI: Federal Correctional Institution
  • FMC: Federal Medical Center
  • FPC: Federal Prison Camp
  • MDC: Metropolitan Detention Center
  • USP: United States Penitentiary

Federal Prison, Miami

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