Gwinnett County Jail

If you are looking for an Gwinnett County Jail inmate, we can help. You can access online the records for the Gwinnett County Detention Center. Looking at the middle of the page, you can choose by the last letter of the last name or look at all active inmates. Clicking either will bring you to a page with the inmates name, photo and charges. Clicking the charges, you will get a description of the charge, booking and warrant numbers and bond information.

Gwinnett County Sheriff

The Sheriff's office doesn't post visitation schedules. They leave it to the inmate to notify their visitors of visitation dates and times. Click to read the Visitation Information Page

Are you looking for bonding information? Click to go to the Bond Information Page

Here is some info on how to send money orders to an inmate. Click to go to the Inmate Accounts Page.

Gwinnett County Court

Although many counties put civil and court records online, this county doesn't put a lot of information online. You can go to the Gwinnett Courts Page. Look in the middle of the page and you can type in a name. You will get a listing of what they were in court for but no further information is available online.

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