DeKalb County Jail

Are you looking for an inmate at the DeKalb County jail? The County Sheriff provides an inmate lookup tool. If you don't know how to spell the last name, you can put as little as the first letter and it will give you a list of results. You can see the following information on an individual inmate:

  • full name
  • booking number
  • permanent ID
  • release date

Clicking on the name will bring you to a page which gives additional information such as:
  • a photo
  • a personal description
  • housing info
  • booking date
  • bond information
  • charge information

To access the records click on the DeKalb County Jail Inmate Search Page.

DeKalb County Sheriff

Are you searching for information on:
  • Bonding an inmate out of jail and how that process works?
  • Jail visitation hours and rules?
  • How to pick up the property of an inmate?
  • How to send an inmate money?

The web page of the Sheriff's office addresses these questions if you know where to look. When you get to their homepage, you will notice a bar at the top of the page that has the following headings: "Home", "About us", "News", "Public Info", etc.
Click on the "Public Info" button. Under the tab "Facts to Know", look for the headings that are similar to the questions above to get the information you need. Click to go to the County Sheriff's web page.

DeKalb County Court Records

You can review civil and criminal courts records online. When you go the the webpage, just select "other individual" as your user type and click the login button. You can then choose to review civil or criminal records as well as several other selections. Click to go to the Online Judicial System Search Page.

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