Pinellas County Jail

Searching for an Inmate

When you go to the Pinellas County Jail Inmate Search Page, you will note two square boxes. The one on the left asking for first and last names will give you any inmate who has been booked into the jail since November 25, 1985. Note the last column under "location" will tell you if they are currently in jail or have been released.

If you want to see a list of everyone currently in the county jail, type in the code requested and click "Show All". It is case sensitive so pay attention if it asks for capital letters.

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Need and address and phone number?
  • Pinellas County Jail
    14400 49th Street North
    Clearwater, FL 33762-2877
    (727) 464-6415
Here is a listing of useful information from the webpage of the Pinellas County Sheriff.
  • Your questions about visitation hours, regulations and the address of County Jail Administrative Support Building are found on the Video Visitation Page. Note that visits have to be scheduled in advance.

  • Mail rules are found on the Inmate Communications Page. Pay special attention to how to address mail to inmates.

  • How can you send money to an inmate? You must always use a money order and the money order must contain the inmate's full name and docket number. You can mail or drop off a money order 7 days a week at the visitation center.

  • How can I call an inmate? Inmates cannot receive calls, however, they are allowed to make collects calls to you.

  • Family members and friends can send packages to Pinellas County Jail inmates. Go to the Inmate Services page for the link.

Pinellas County Clerk of Courts

If you are looking for online Pinellas County court records, they can be found on the webpage of the Pinellas County Clerk. This page will allow you to access criminal court records only.

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