North Carolina Department of Corrections

NC Dept of Corrections Facility Directory

There are approximately 80 prison facilities in North Carolina. If you go to the Prison Directory Page, click on the name of the prison you are interested in (note the columns on the left and right of the page with the prisons listed alphabetically) and you will find a lot of information such as:

  • Basic prison information
  • Mailing address
  • Street address
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • Visitation schedules

Here is a link if you are looking for one of the Private Prison Facilities.

Are you looking for visiting information?

If you want to visit North Carolina inmates, go to the Inmate Visitation Page. You can click on two links to read the "Inmate Visitation Rules" and "Questions and Answers about the Visitation Policy". If you scroll on down the page it will discuss how to submit an application to visit, the inmate visitation list and the dress code for visiting.

Curious what a typical day in prison is like?

This link will give a typical day's schedule for three different custody levels of inmates: from a minimum prison (the least restrictive) to close custody (the most restrictive). Go to the 24 Hours in Prison Page.

Do you have other questions about prison or parole?

There is a good Frequently Asked Question Page. that answers often asked questions and the Corrections Dept publishes an Inmate Handbook for Families and Friends. Check it out as it has lots of good information.

Are you looking to find inmates in North Carolina?

Then go to the North Carolina Inmate Page where you can search online for inmates within the North Carolina Department of Corrections.

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