New York Department of Corrections

On this page I will point you to some important information from the New York Department of Corrections.

Families and friends of inmates have lots of questions when a loved one is incarcerated. I have listed here some great links that will help you get your questions answered.

This page will link to a handbook for families and friends of inmates. Just click on the topic that interests you in the table of contents. You can see how to send money and packages to inmates, review the visitation rules and guidelines, read about what inmates receive in commissary and many other topics. Click to go to the Handbook for Families of New York Inmates.

Here is a link to a family guide for frequently asked questions. Click to read the 22 questions on the FAQ Page.

Are you trying to find an inmate in the Department of Corrections? You will need to click to the NY State Inmate Search Page.

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