Michigan Department of Corrections

Michigan Correctional Facilities

The Michigan Department of Corrections currently has 41 prisons and 6 minimum security camps. You can locate a Michigan correctional facility by clicking to these pages that list prisons and camps alphabetically or locate them on a map:

What happens when a Michigan inmate starts their prison sentence?

Inmate begin their sentence in one of two correctional facilities. Men go to the Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center and women will go to the Robert Scott Correctional Facility near Plymouth.

Take a look at this Prisoner Processing Page which takes you through what happens in the first days of an inmate's stay in prison. You can learn about:
  • The Initial Process
  • Testing
  • Classification
  • Life in Reception

What are the rules for writing and sending money to Michigan inmates?

Here is a Frequently Asked Questions Page which addresses questions about:
  • How to visit an inmate
  • How to send money
  • How to send mail
  • How to send email
  • And many more often asked questions

Michigan Inmate Lookup

Do you want to look up information about Michigan inmates? Try the Michigan Inmate Search Page.

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