Miami Dade Inmates

Miami Dade County Jail

Looking for someone you think is in the Miami Dade County Jail? Check out the in custody search page.

Do you need visiting guidelines?.

The Miami Dade corrections system actually has 5 different facilities that house Miami Dade inmates. Here are their contact information and a link to the visiting schedule at each of them.

  • Pre-Trial Detention Center
    Address: 1321 NW 13 St., Miami, FL 33125
    Facility Phone: (786) 263-4100
  • The Women's Detention Center
    Address: 1401 NW 7th Ave., Miami, FL 33136,
    Facility Phone: (786) 263-4600
  • Training and Treatment Center
    Facility Address: 6950 NW 41 St., Miami, FL 33166
    Facility Phone: (786) 263-4600

  • Metro West Detention Center
    Facility Address: 13850 NW 41 St., Miami, FL 33178
    Facility Phone: (786) 263-5101
    Information regarding visitation (786) 263-5155 and 5156

  • Turner Guilford Knight (TGK) Correctional Center
    Facility Address: 7000 NW 41 St., Miami, FL 33166
    Facility Phone: (786) 263-5600

  • Click to the prepaid calling site to call an inmate.
  • How do you put money on an inmate's account? Click the link above for visiting as it is on that page.

Miami Dade Clerk of Court

Check out this Online Services page. Questions are addressed regarding bond hearings, bond refunds, viewing criminal court files and more.

Criminal Justice and Civil Infraction cases can be searched at the link above. You will need a name, case number, state case number, police number OR jail number. If using a name, you need the full last name and the first name, too. If they used an initial for a first name, then it will search using that initial, otherwise, you need the full first name as well.

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