Broward County Jail

Who is in the Broward County Jail

Who is in the Broward County Jail? The Sheriff's office webpage has an arrest search page here. Hint: if you click "search" without putting anything in the boxes, you will get all of the inmates who are currently incarcerated in the County Jail. You can narrow your list by placing at least a letter for the last name. 

You will be able to see their:

  • arrest number
  • name
  • sex
  • location

If you then click on the arrest number, the next page will show you a lot more information such as:

  • arrest date
  • date of birth
  • a personal description and photo
  • location and a link to the visiting schedule
  • description of their charges

Broward County Sheriff Office

The Sheriff's Office manages six jail facilities. Click the name of the facility and you will go to a page with contact information and visitation hours.

Do you need to know how to send an inmate mail? How to bond someone out of jail? How to set up telephone service for an inmate? How to deposit funds into in inmate's account?

 Go to the Arrest Search page above. Scroll down, the info is at the bottom of the page with each question in a "clickable" box.

Broward County Clerk of Courts

The Clerk's Office will let you search many type of cases online. The search is free. Go to this Case Search Page and either enter a name, or a business/organization name to search individual cases.

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