San Diego County Sheriff Department

Are you looking for someone in the San Diego County Jail?

The San Diego County Sheriff Department has a great search feature so you can find the inmates you are looking for. When you type in a last name, you will go to a screen that gives basic information such as their full name and birth date. Click on the last name and you will go to a screen that will give you:
  • personal information
  • arrest information
  • housing location
  • release information (if applicable)
  • bail information

Click over to the San Diego County Jail Inmate Page.

Are you looking for visiting times?

You can locate visiting times by going to the Detention Facilities Page and you will see the option to click the "visit schedule" button directly below the contact information for each facility. Note that there is a "google map" button which will give you directions to the facility as well.

Did you know you can now communicate by email?

For general instructions and how to email an inmate, click over to the Email Page and you can read how to begin sending email messages to an inmate.

San Diego County Jail Information?

The Sheriff's Department web page has lots of good information for family and friends. Click to read information on the following: