Virginia Dept of Corrections

Key Information about Virginia Prisons

The Virginia Dept of Corrections Facilities Page will list the following for each prison:
  • address and phone number
  • security level
  • directions to the prison

Note that below the lists of prisons is a link that will show the prison locations on a Virginia map.

Do you want to send mail?

There are very strict rules as to mail being sent into a prison. Learn what can and cannot be sent to an inmate and how to address an inmate's letter at the Inmate Mail Page.

Do you want to visit an inmate?

Before you even get to visit inside a prison, forms have to filled out. You can click to the Visiting Procedures Page to learn about the visiting rules and regulations as well as access a link to the forms you will need to complete before being approved as a visitor. And you need to be mindful of what you wear in a visiting room as well. Click to the Visitors Page and scroll to the bottom.

Ever wonder what happens to an inmate as they enter a prison?

The Corrections web site has several pages that describe the process from arrest to incarceration to release that you might find interesting. You can find them here and here.

Are you looking for a Virginia inmate?

Click on over to the Virginia Inmate Locator Page. and I will help you find them.

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