Ohio Department of Corrections:

Ohio Correctional Facilities

The following is a list of facility maps for housing Ohio inmates in the Ohio Department of Corrections. Each map has somewhat different information. All have basic contact information such as address, phone numbers and fax numbers:

  • Ohio Correctional Institutions Map Click on an icon on the map itself or scroll down the page and select one of the institutions listed. You can read basic insitutional information, visiting rules, basic inmate programs and unique programs that are delivered in that institution.
  • APA (Adult Parole Authority) Regions Map You can click on a region and you can review basic information about the region as well as unique programming offered.
  • CBCF (Community Based Correctional Facilities) Regions Map You will find a list of programming available.
  • Halfway House Region Map This is a very handy directory which will give you the program overview as well as admission acceptance and rejection criteria.
  • OPI (Ohio Penal Industries Map You will see listed the industry that is found at a particular facility

    Would you like to see one page that has all of the contact information for all of the prisons? Click here.

    Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections: Visiting Page

    You will find the the visiting policy and two important forms: the visitor application packet and an authorization form for a minor child visit.

    Check out this brochure if your family member has recently been incarcerated in a correctional facility. It will give information about reception, security classification numbers and how to visit at reception. See the Family Brochure for Reception Inmates.

    What can I send to an Ohio inmate?

    A great thing about the Ohio correctional system is that it outlines very clearly what can be sent to an inmate. All packages must be ordered through Access SecurePak. You can navigate around their website to explore what items you can order.

    General rules concerning mail and packages being to inmates can be found on the Mail and Package Page.

    You might read this download for more specific information regarding packages being sent from Access SecurePak.

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